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Proaqua international

We are Gerhard Meier and J├╝rgen Wehner , managing directors of Pro-Aqua International GmbH. Since 1992, we have been in the business of marketing room cleaning systems with water filters. Based on this expertise, in 1997 we decided to develop a new, innovative product, to produce it ourselves and to market it as: the Pro-Aqua Room Cleaning System. From the very start, we adhered to a strict standard of quality dictating that we would manufacture the product exclusively in Germany and would not resort to cheap imports. This allows us to guarantee high-quality materials, technical perfection and a range of functions that contributes to a high level of operating convenience. Finally, the modern design also means the system is visually attractive. Our cleaning system is registered with the German Patent Office, has been approved by the various testing agencies and is KEMA certified. Today, the Pro-Aqua system is marketed in more than 30 countries all around the world. As our customers express their appreciation for our product quality, service and excellent cost effectiveness, we are encouraged to consider further expansions of the company in the future.