The Vivenso

Your personal vivenso vacuum cleaner with water filter is available in the exquisite colour shades of pure white and deep sea blue.

The motor head

The motor head of the vivenso vacuum cleaner impresses with its unique design. Its special feature is found in the continuously variable control of performance, which can easily be adjusted on the rotary knob. See for yourself the ease of handling and excellent performance of the vivenso water vacuum cleaner.

The Separator the heart of the water vacuum cleaner vivenso

The especially for the vivenso water vacuum cleaner developed double-step separator is outstanding. The advantages of two separators in one. The staggered positioning of the lamella causes a higher turbulence in the water, so that the dust particles are absorbed even faster. The straightly positioned lamella in the lower area of the separator reduce the resistance of the separator in the water and literally push the water to the top of the separator. The lamella positioned at an angle in this area scoop the water like a mill - thereby literally washing the air in the vacuum cleaner with water filter.

The water tank

The vivenso water vacuum cleaner works without filter paper, fine dust filters, HEPA filters, engine filters, exhaust filters, etc. The vivenso vacuum cleaner with water filter absorbs the odours and dust particles from the air, the water filter binds the particles. The outstanding dry-lock function is an innovative idea to optimise the maintenance. The handle of the water tank not only allows easy transport, but also optimal drying.

The undercarriage

The rollers on the undercarriage enable optimum flexibility. They ensure that your water vacuum can accompany you wherever you go.

Watch this video to see how does vivenso work !
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